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A visit to Montana is a stopover to a state in the northwestern United States on the Canadian border. It is a proper American West, where fresh vast skies, crispy air, and quartz clear water greet you cordially. If taken in its purest form, there’s an abundance of nature around Montana, is home to Glacier National Parks, Triple Divide Peak, Yellowstone where water flows generously into three isolated oceans. The abundance and lavishness of natural resources generate fertile surroundings for agricultural food crops which is the leading industry of Montana.


FoodCorps in Montana is an American charitable organization. Its purpose is to support economically weak communities in food procurement.  It allows free and easy access to superior food from different food suppliers. The member companies of it signed deals with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to deliver approved food to suitable locations.


The FoodCorps program was set up to reinforce U.S. food supplies by connecting financially weak families with responsible food manufacturers. Through the program, consumers can buy food from food supplier that sells it at a reduced cost, helping to ensure that families do not become hungry. It is designed to help bridge the gap between where a family comes from and where they go to get food. By purchasing food from responsible food suppliers, a family can improve their food choices, improve their health and reduce their dependence on government programs such as the federal food stamps program. By investing in food, a family can become more self-sufficient.


Filling out an application with personal information stating name, location, address, employers, social security is mandatory for the food providers to participate in the Food Corps program. To the people living in the rural-based regions where the projects of FoodCorps are based, the program is a great benefit for them.  At the same time, they feel the distribution system should be controlled in the right way. There is a need for volunteers who would be able to deliver food supplies quickly, so that food does not leave without purpose for weeks.


Trade challenges on the nationwide scenario during 2018- 19 impacted directly on Montana agriculture, only to divert some frozen trade purchases or relationships to other countries.

In the meantime, relationship with national trade endeavors, such as the U.S. Livestock Genetics Export supports the best beef genetics of Montana in the world marketplace. In addition, Montana agricultural front-runners joined in a USDA-supported mission to Japan in the year 2018.


Those who want to start or grow their food business are going to be benefitted out of this Food Corps. Though, the organization hasn’t fixed any specific requirements for registration. For enrolment, the individuals need to be confirmed citizens of the US.   Citizenship under parole or on trial or bearing any medical conditions will not be applicable.  Applying openly to Food Corps needs you to attend an interview, which is surveyed up by e-mail or over the phone to justify if your fitness to participate in the program is satisfactory or not.


Montana agriculture experts are also trying to produce other food products like Sweet Potato Powder, or Beet Root Powder simultaneously to explore the ratio of productivity. Montana also produces certified carbon-based dry peas, wheat, flax, lentils and ranks No. 2 in the U.S. for its honey and pollination industry.