Food Corps and Teaching English in Foreign Countries

September 1, 2021 , Food Corps

Food Corps is an American non-for profit organization whose mission is “to work with rural and food-deficiency communities to bring healthy food to school children every day.” The organization also works with women and girls, people of color, kids, seniors and the handicapped. It strives to build community relationships through its sponsorship of Girls Scout Troops and community volunteers. In addition, the organization provides opportunities for service and volunteering in its many national and state programs.

Food Corps volunteers will be responsible for providing individuals with healthy, nutritious meals while in the course of their service. They will be given a limited number of food bags to collect food and other items from local businesses and distribute to the students in their care. Those who volunteer can choose to participate not only in the program but in a wide variety of other activities and free training programs sponsored by the organization. Those who are able to commit to full time, on-the-job training receive extensive professional support to help them learn new skills and prepare them to work in a food management position.

One of the first things the volunteers will do is assess the needs of the students in their care. They do this by collecting information from parents, teachers, and doctors. Then they will create a food storage plan based on that information. From there, they will prepare and deliver meals. In some cases, the students will have to make their own food supplies. When they return from their fieldwork, the food supplies are packed for delivery to the school, church, or community center.

For those who decide to serve children and adults, the Food Corps program provides both food supplies and school jobs to meet the needs of these diverse groups. The individuals who are interested in working with children will need to complete a food safety training class and pass a background and drug test. Once the students successfully complete their Food Corps work, they will be required to take a drug test to ensure they are clean.

To be eligible for a Food Corps job, students must be 16 years of age or older, be currently in high school, and be a United States citizen. Applicants can also be members of the Peace Corps, which helps students around the world improve their life and develop self-reliance. Becoming a Peace Corps volunteer is a great way to serve your community, become a valuable member of the educational system, and contribute to the greater good. There are no specific qualifications for volunteers; anyone can apply.

A Food Corps program might be the perfect opportunity for you to teach English in a foreign country. By serving students meals in countries where English is not first language, you can expose them to the culture and food they love. By helping to feed the people of these nations, you will be able to share your own home culture with them. By teaching them how to prepare their own food, you can give them the confidence to ask for and accept food donations from other people. Food is medicine, and by sharing your own food with those you visit in the field, you will gain valuable knowledge of how it is prepared, how it tastes, and why certain brands of food may be better than others.